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Meeting room desk


Our highly trained and professional team will integrate with your existing Meeting and Events team to manage your events enquiries for you and convert the business. We provide a point of contact for your customer and once contracts have been signed, we hand back your event to you to take forward. The process gives you peace of mind that all your enquiries are being dealt with.


Here is how we can help:


  • Our experienced team of event specialists will respond to each and every enquiry received.

  • The Event Hubs will improve your response time to enquiries and reduce the number of enquiries that are not responded to.

  • We will Improve revenue conversion due to their passion and commitment of our team in dealing solely with the enquiry and conversion.

  • The team will build relationships with key accounts along with mid/low tier agents.

  • Customers feel comfortable that if they are unable to speak with a team member on property that their enquiry will still be managed efficiently.

  • We provide longer opening hours for the hotels to capture enquiries out of office hours and weekend cover can also be arranged.

  • Operating costs would be reduced at hotel level.

  • Annual leave and sick leave will no longer be a challenge.

  • We will provide weekly and monthly reporting to give you full visibility to your Meeting and Events business.

  • All team members in the Event Hubs complete a full training programme to keep their skills fresh.   


On and offline Support

Online – our dedicated team will respond to your enquiries received through your third party portals and will work with your existing diary management system.

E-signatures for contracts.

Offline – we provide a dedicated telephone number for your customers and agents to get through to an event specialist that can help them with their enquiry.


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